👨🏻‍💻Thibaud "Errorname" Courtoison

Full Stack Developer - Teacher - Speaker

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Most of what I code is open source

😎 Stuff I'm proud of

Chaos Frontend Toolkit

A set of tools to break your web apps and, in doing so, find ways to improve them.

The Piltover Post

Live ticker for LoL esports games

10 tabs, no more.

A Web Extension that randomly closes tabs once you exceed 10 opened tabs

PandaScore x GraphQL

Proof-of-Concept of a GraphQL wrapper of the PandaScore Esports API


Library/CLI to use Prisma as a multi-tenancy provider

Get Crypto-Lucky

Educational app about probability of crypto wallet generation

Lost in Warehouse

Small HTML5 puzzle-game made when I was at the University

👨🏻‍🏫 Talks I gave

Art & Entropy

"Introducing Chaos (Engineering) in your frontend"   2021: Devfest Nantes, NantesJS

The Sound of Silence

"Des APIs Web pour l'accessibilité des déficiences visuelles et auditives" 2021: Devoxx 2020: SnowCamp, Devfest BDM, NantesJS


"Your GraphQL backend delivered home in 30min" - (No video available)   2019: Devfest Minneapolis

Prisma and Nexus

"Turning your Database into a GraphQL API with Prisma and Nexus"   2019: APIdays Paris