👨🏻‍💻Thibaud "Errorname" Courtoison

Engineering Manager - Teacher - Speaker

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Most of what I code is open source

😎 Stuff I'm proud of

Chaos Frontend Toolkit

A set of tools to break your web apps and, in doing so, find ways to improve them.

The Piltover Post

Live ticker for LoL esports games


What is the Y2038 bug? Is it already happening? What can I do about it? Find the answers on this website!

10 tabs, no more.

A Web Extension that randomly closes tabs once you exceed 10 opened tabs

PandaScore x GraphQL

Proof-of-Concept of a GraphQL wrapper of the PandaScore Esports API


Library/CLI to use Prisma as a multi-tenancy provider

Get Crypto-Lucky

Educational app about probability of crypto wallet generation

Lost in Warehouse

Small HTML5 puzzle-game made when I was at the University

👨🏻‍🏫 Talks I gave

Art & Entropy

"Introducing Chaos (Engineering) in your frontend" 2021: Devfest Nantes, NantesJS 2022: Snowcamp, Devoxx, Sunny Tech

The Sound of Silence

"Des APIs Web pour l'accessibilité des déficiences visuelles et auditives" 2020: SnowCamp, Devfest BDM, NantesJS 2021: Devoxx


"Your GraphQL backend delivered home in 30min" - (No video available)   2019: Devfest Minneapolis

Prisma and Nexus

"Turning your Database into a GraphQL API with Prisma and Nexus"   2019: APIdays Paris